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Brake Band

This is for use with Serco dock levelers.

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This a friction brake band that holds the mechanical dock leveler in its correct position until the dock leveler is released by the chain release mechanism. When the friction brake band is worn, it will not be able to hold the dock leveler in position and there is a strong possibility that the dock leveler could move up or down while traffic is on it. This is a serious safety hazard. This friction brake band is for use with Serco mechanical dock levelers. It is a replacement part for a friction brake band that is worn or frayed and is no longer able to hold the dock leveler in position.

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  • I need to know for sure if you have these brake bands for sale separately without the entire hold-down assembly. Other vendors are telling me that Serco will not let them sell just the brake band.

    We can for sure sell you these without the entire holdown.  Maybe Serco won't sell them to you but since this is an aftermarket part we can.   It's very common to replace these without needing an entire holdown.

  • In searching for parts for a Serco replacement hold-down mechanism, I see two brake bands available. One, a number 341-011, and a 586-1485. which is correct for an 8ft leveler?

    Both will work for your Serco Dock Leveler.  This is because they are the same part.  We stock them under different numbers because owners manuals and diagrams have them called out with those numbers.  

Customer Reviews

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Edgar Cabanilla

Got the part on time.

Martin Felix Peralta
Good Parts

It is good quality parts and works great

Perfect fit

Fast and reliable

Steve Eldridge
Fresh stopping power!

The brake band works great!
Easy install!

Online order

Found the part very easily online
Was shipped and received within 5 days to Canada.
Great service.

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