Kelley Atlantic Loading Dock Levelers Replacement Parts carries a wide variety of replacement parts for Kelley Atlantic loading dock levelers.  Kelley Atlantic was a manufacturer of dock solutions and equipment. Industry buzz believes that a former employee of Kelley Entrematic formed Kelley Atlantic because most of Kelley Entrematic’s parts fit the dock levelers that Kelley Atlantic manufactured.

Kelley Atlantic ran into financial trouble, and they could no longer stay in business. It is believed that Kelley Entrematic purchased the Kelley Atlantic’s assets.

Kelley Atlantic Limited was located in Bowmanville, Ontario, Canada.  They manufactured truck and dock levelers, lift tables and safety products.  While they are no longer in business, but we gladly supply parts for their units.

Top Selling Kelley Atlantic Dock Parts

Kelley Atlantic Springs

Kelley Atlantic Holdown / Ramp Control

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