Level-Rite Dock Levelers Replacement Parts

PartsBrite.com carries a wide variety of replacement parts for Level-Rite loading dock levelers.  Level-Rite dock levelers are manufactured by Rite-Hite, a well-established manufacturer of dock solutions. Level-Rite, along with Rite-Hite’s other dock levelers, helps companies improve loading dock safety.

Rite-Hite was founded in 1965, with its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Rite-Hite has focused on meeting and exceeding industry safety standards with products like the DOK-LOK® trailer restraint, which protects against numerous types of trailer separations for tractor-trailer trucks.

Level-Rite helps ensure that there are no bumps and gaps between the truck and the loading dock, which can significantly reduce the possibility of injuries, damaged products, and unexpected equipment repairs.


Diagram Level-Rite 1
  Diagram 1
Diagram Level-Rite 2
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