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10 Common Warehouse Mistakes

Are you making these common warehouse mistakes? Is your business making these incredibly common warehouse mistakes? Here, we’ll discuss what they are, and help you strategize and overcome the challenges of maximizing your warehouse operations efficiency now and in the future. Most Common Warehouse Challenges and Potential Solutions 1. High Elevation Environment ProblemToo many warehouses contain products stored at too high a height for a safe working environment. SolutionCreate stable and portable work platforms. Lifts can assist employees in getting their work done safely in high elevation conditions. Telescoping boom lifts, controlled by an operator on top of the work platform, can extend the vertical reach of your employee Articulating boom lifts can be driven at full elevation to enable...

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Why do I need a dock leveler and not just a bare concrete?

Dock levelers make loading docks safer and more efficient. These essential pieces of equipment are used when a building has a truck-level door. They basically form a ramp to bridge the distance between the dock and the truck. They have a metal plate, known as a lip. The lip is raised from the dock then lowered on the back of the truck. Dock levelers are typically either mounted to the dock face or recessed into a pit at the locking dock. This article will look at the multiple purposes that dock levelers serve, why you need a dock leveler, and when you may need to replace one.     Dock Levelers Improve Safety and Protect Cargo Dock levelers are especially...

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What Causes a Hydraulic Pump to Lose Pressure on a Dock Leveler?

A dock leveler is a piece of equipment that bridges the gap between the dock and the truck’s trailer bed. It is typically used during unloading and loading. The leveler operator can raise the machine and extend its metal plate “lip” in order to form a seamless ramp onto the truck. Hydraulic dock levelers are one of the most common types of levelers. Hydraulic dock levelers are operated by pushing a button, whereas manual dock levelers require the operator to use a pull-chain. Hydraulic dock levelers use hydraulic pumps to automatically lift and place the leveler and lip.  However, hydraulic dock levelers can have issues with losing pressure. This article will explain what causes this, what to look for, and...

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How much does it cost to replace a hold down on a mechanical dock leveler?

Short Answer: Around $600 for DIY or over $1000 for a leveler repair service.Of course the short answer glosses over details like the ones outlined below. What needs replacing?While most people can replace the entire hold-down you may want to just replace parts of it. Take for example replacing a very common 503 Hold-down (or Ramp Control) used on some Rite-Hite dock levelers.  They cost $613.20.   It's very common to replace the whole mechanism but some people choose to replace the guts of it. This would be the  Ratchet Bar $235.20 Pawl $100.28 Pawl Spring $11.13 This is all just for certain Rite-Hite levelers.  There are lots of different types of hold downs for different leveler brands.   Are you going...

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Social Distancing Strategies and Tools for Warehouses

Throughout much of 2020, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had a significant impact on companies across the globe, and the warehouse industry is no exception. Warehouses and distribution centers play a critical role in making sure goods and products get to where they are needed. In adapting to the “new normal,” industries have had to implement major changes in how they operate. As a warehouse owner or manager, you are faced with the important task of assessing the state of your current company processes, reducing employee contact and interaction and making adjustments to reduce the threat of exposure to COVID-19.After assessing the risks involved with the processes at your warehouse, you must implement safe practices to limit exposure to COVID-19....

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