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This ratchet style holdown is a direct replacement for Black, Red, Blue & Purple McGuire.

This part supersedes part number: 502-089

If purchasing this you should consider upgrading to the Auto-Release version of the holdown the MMF3052AR

This is for use with McGuire dock levelers.

Price: $788.00 USD

More Description for McGuire MMF3052

Hold-down mechanisms are a ramp-control device that is used to secure dock levelers during the loading and unloading process. Having a functioning hold-down device will improve the efficiency of your dock leveler, ensure that no cargo loaders are hurt while moving goods to and from the truck, and prevent damage from operator slams. This ratchet-style hold-down is designed to be used with McGuire dock levelers. If you are planning to replace your McGuire ramp control system, you should consider upgrading to the auto-release version of this product (MMF3052AR), which can extend the lifespan of your hold-down device and reduce the risk of accidents. Ultimately, you can save money on costs related to maintenance, repairs, and replacement.

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