DOTH2570 DOTH2570 DOTH2570


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Same as OTH2570

Length: 20 1/2"
Coil Diameter: 3 1/2"
Wire Size: .406"
Number of Coils: 38
Type: Extension

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This is for use with DLM dock levelers.

Price: $172.20 USD

More Description for DLM DOTH2570

Extension springs, also known as height-adjustment springs, are used to help raise and lower dock levelers, expanding as the dock leveler is lowered and contracting as it is raised. All springs deteriorate or break over time due to the enormous weight they are required to bear as cargo is being loaded or unloaded. If you need to replace an extension spring, Parts Brite has many premium quality, aftermarket springs to choose from, including this gray 20 ½ inch extension spring for use with DLM dock levelers.

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Marijo Wallace

Everything went great
My sales person was very helpful

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